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Doulton Counter Top and Undersink Water Purifiers

Doulton's "do-it-yourself" Counter Top and Undersink water purification and treatment systems to remove pollution are designed for easy installation.  Counter Top models require only the removal of the air diffuser from your existing kitchen faucet. The diverter valve, which is already fitted to the supply hose, is then threaded onto the faucet and the installation is complete.  Undersink models come complete with detailed instructions. Installation is easily within the capability of most Do It Yourselfers.

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Why Purify?

Is your source just H2O?  Does it have a funny taste or smell?
Do you want your appliances and fixtures to last longer?

In the U.S., we often take clean H2O from our taps for granted. But just because it looks clean doesn't mean it is. Threats to sources and quality are on the rise, and EPA cannot always keep up.

Since passage of the Safe Drinking Act in 1974, the EPA has set standards and treatment requirements for municipal suppliers — almost 80 to date. Many of these pollutants can have adverse effects on your health, causing anything from an unpleasant taste to cancer. Public utilities are required to provide liquid that does not contain pollutants above the levels specified by EPA's regulations. Although they usually provide a good quality, these treatment plants are not always effective at removing contamination that may harm public health. Sometimes, certain pollutants, like rust or lead, can enter your source after it has left the treatment plant.

Boiling isn't always the answer. In fact, unless the contamination is caused by bacteria or a virus, boiling can make the problem worse by concentrating the pollutant in the reduced volume left in the pan.

People who use private wells are not immune from problems either.

Should you filter if you use a public water utility? Click here.

To find out why you should filter from your private well Click here.


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