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A Closer Look Inside

Kieselguhr Ceramic - Stage One

Doulton ceramic is made from Kieselguhr Diatomaceous Earth and fired to above 1000 degrees Celsius. Over 80,000 overlapping pores make up each element. This feature provides absolute mechanical filtration to .9 of a micron. 99.999% rejection of bacteria and cysts. Bacteria and any other foreign particles as small as .2 of a micron are trapped on the outside of the element while the water passes through the ceramic wall to the inside of the element.

Why Bacteriostatic?

This simply means self sterilizing. The entire ceramic wall is impregnated with oligodynamic silver. Silver has been long proven as a disinfectant which insures that bacteria trapped in the ceramic's pores are killed thereby eliminating any threat of bacteria colonization.

The Core - Stages Two and Three

Inside the Ceramic shell is a post filter which is manufactured by combining a zeolite metal ion reduction medium, granular carbon and powdered carbon to form a tightly packed matrix. This post filter provides two key features; Chemical Reduction (chlorine, pesticides, solvents, etc.) and Heavy Metal Reduction (lead, iron, aluminum, etc.) Medical authorities are now identifying heavy metals as key players in the degradation of mental health in humans. Follow the above links to see why you would want to remove these substances.

Key Features

  • Eliminates Bacteria - Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, Serratia, E. Coli, Fecal Coliform, Etc.

  • Eliminates Cryptosporidium Parvum and Giardia Lambia Cysts (Beaver Fever)

  • Sub-Micron Particulate Filtration

  • Quickly and Easily Cleaned for Prolonged Life and Outstanding Economics

  • Self Sterilization Bacteriostatic

  • Cannot "Plug Up" Internally

  • No Tools Required to Service


Doulton Under-sink

Doulton Counter Top
Water Filter

Model: HCP c/w UltraCarb 10"


Shipping $8.50 per order
standard delivery

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Doulton Countertop

Doulton Under the Counter Water Filter
Model: HIP/DIY c/w UltraCarb 10"


Shipping $8.50 per order
standard delivery

Customer Service

(855) 855-1976

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Doulton holds Certification, Accreditation, or Membership with the following Agencies:

ISO 9002 Quality Standard
National Sanitation Foundation standards 42 and 53
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Water Quality Association
Department of Health (Toronto, Canada)
Spectrum Labs (Minneapolis, USA)
Water Research Council (UK)
British 5750 Quality Standard
England's Water Research council (WRc) Performance Standards
California Department of Health
Over 50 Independent Laboratories Worldwide

Beyond Filtration

H2O International Inc. - Stage Four and More ......

The Doulton ceramic element is an excellent beginning for improving your drinking water, but with the addition of H2O's specialized cartridges you can economically turn your filtration system into a customized purification system. Additional stages can tackle problems such as excessive heavy metals, strong odors, elevated chemical content, nitrates and even fluoride reduction. The addition of one or more specialty cartridges will dramatically increase the removal efficiency of your entire system.

Multi-Element Systems

Additional housings are simply "plugged in", one behind the other. They may be added at any time. These additional cartridges do not require cleaning. They are simply disposed of at the end of their rated life.


The pore structure of the ceramic element is designed to trap fine particles and bacteria. In doing so, the outside of the element will eventually require cleaning. The need for cleaning becomes evident as the water flow from the drinking faucet becomes reduced. When this occurs, remove the element and give it a light scrub under running water. This will restore the original flow of water. If it does not then this is a sign that the element is due for replacement.


Counter top models:  These require only the removal of the air diffuser from your existing kitchen faucet. The diverter valve, which is already fitted to the supply hose, is then threaded onto the faucet and the installation is complete.

Under Counter models:   These models come complete with detailed instructions. Installation is easily within the capability of most Do It Yourselfers. Even if professional installation is required, it will be inexpensive due to the simplicity of the system's design.

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